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Common Pet Surgeries at Central Animal Hospital

Surgery for Westchester and Scarsdale Pets

No pet owner likes the idea of a beloved animal having to undergo surgery, but it helps to know that your pet is in skilled, caring, compassionate hands. Every Scarsdale veterinarian on our team at Central Animal Hospital is committed to providing our patients with the finest surgical care to be found anywhere in the Scarsdale or Westchester areas. Let's take a look at some of the more common pet surgeries we perform.

Spaying and neutering - This is the most common type of pet surgery, and a fine example of how some surgeries are preventative in nature. Surgical sterilization not only keeps the animal population at a more sustainable level (resulting in fewer homeless animals), but it also offers many health benefits to its recipients. Removal of the reproductive organs automatically eliminates any worries about reproductive cancers. It also reduces heat-related aggression and roaming, both of which can drive a pet into hazardous situations. Last but not least, a spayed or neutered pet is a happier, more relaxed pet. Neutering is a simple procedure while spaying, or ovariohysterectomy, is somewhat more invasive and may involve an overnight stay for observation.

dog_dental_examinationDental surgery - Dental damage, decay, and infections can pose a serious health threat. Infected or otherwise problematic teeth may need to be extracted to save the health of the surrounding teeth, gum tissue and jawbone. We perform a deep cleaning during annual dental visits to help keep such infections from occurring, a procedure in which pets are sedated to keep them at ease. At the same time, we also check for oral cancer, an especially aggressive form of cancer that must be surgically removed as soon as it is detected. 

Cancer surgery - In addition to oral cancer surgery, we can also operate to remove a wide range of other cancers that commonly afflict pets, including stomach cancer, liver cancer, cancer of the nasal cavity or eyelid, and skin cancer. Skin cancer is one of the most common of all animal cancers; we can remove tumors and perform a biopsy to check for malignancy.

Injuries - Fights, close encounters with automobiles, and other mishaps may call for surgical intervention. Bite wounds and other open wounds may need to be closed with sutures to stop bleeding and prevent infection. We may also perform surgery to set a fractured bone with metal plates and screws. Surgery can repair a torn ACL (the anterior cruciate ligament) in dogs or cats to relieve knee pain, instability and lameness.

Internal surgery - Internal problems such as swallowed foreign objects, tumors, and bladder stones may call for emergency surgery. We use advanced diagnostic techniques such as ultrasonography to carefully examine the problem and assess the potential damage.

From Dental Extractions to ACL Surgery

Whether your pet needs a simple tooth extraction or a more complex ACL surgery, bring him to Central Animal Hospital. We can help!